Mold / Mildew Damage

In nature, mold serves a vital role as it breaks down and consumes organic materials. When moisture problems affect a home or building, mold damage occurs when the spores grow and colonize to levels that affect property and cause health problems.

It takes as little as 24 hours for mold to develop on a damp surface, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In addition to compromising the structural safety of a building, mold can penetrate items such as furniture, flooring, documents, books and photographs. The spores also lower the quality of indoor air, which may trigger allergic reactions or upper respiratory distress in some individuals.

Your ability to get a mold damage-related claim approved depends on your commercial or residential insurance policy and the circumstances that led to the damage. An insurance company may dispute your claim, for example, if a leaky pipe led to the development of mold and you don't have flood insurance. A company may also contest a claim if hidden, dormant mold suddenly becomes active several months after you experience water damage or humidity problems.

When your property experiences mold damage, don't risk your health or file a claim by yourself. Call All Florida Public Adjusters to handle your claim and get you the reimbursement you deserve!

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