Water Damage

Did you know...

3 out of every 5 water damage claims are misdiagnosed and improperly mitigated?

3 Categories of Water Damage

1. Clean Water

Some examples of this are a pipe break within the wall or a supply line to a plumbing source. An attic mounted water heater failure; though clean water is released it is running through dirty insulation and often times attics prior to its final destination. There are times when clean water losses may become grey water losses.

2. Grey Water

Some examples of this are overflows from your washing machine, toilet overflow or tub overflow. A washing machine, though clean water is considered grey because of the organic matter contained inside of it, which can include hair follicles, skin cells, and even fecal matter.

3. Black Water

Some examples of this are sewage backup, and surface water flooding. Often times, there are special limits to the amount of coverage provided for sewage backup and no coverage for flood (flood will be insured through the NFIP and in rare cases attached as a rider through your mortgage company). In the event black water damages are not mitigated immediately and properly, mold damage is inevitable.

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